We are developing technology which will change the way the world sources electricity, transforming sunlight into energy for everyone, everywhere.


Our Solution

We provide lightweight, flexible solar technology that can be produced locally and adapted to hundreds of applications. By putting energy directly in the hands of users, opportunities open which have never been possible in many parts of the world.  Businesses are not stiffled by undependable supply, education is enhanced with equipment, and individuals no longer worry about charging their mobile devices, regardless of grid access, disasters, or other interruptions. 


The key element constraining the growth of small businesses in developing countries is the availability of reliable, affordable electricity.



Meet a typical small business owner - Ramesh.  Ramesh owns a factory in urban India.  He employs 30 people.  Even though he needs only 10kW of power, electricity fails daily.  For Ramesh profits are lost; for his employees’ wages are lost. While much of the world takes electricity for granted, that is not the case for 80% of small business in the developing world.  Energy everywhere?  Not yet.


OneSun solar applications will improve the economics, lives and future for millions of people by providing access to untapped local energy. Whether it is energy to improve educational conditions in rural schools, power agricultural structures for improved production, solar over water where land is limited, off-grid charging stations, or other use cases, energy for everyone everywhere can be a reality.


Our Vision

We are committed to the concept of "energy everywhere."  With electricity being the pulse of economic development, our ability to bring low-cost factories producing solar modules tailored to the needs of developing economies and applications, changes the pace and path of what is possible.


Get Involved

We are seeking partners for incorporation of our technology into applications where a lightweight, flexible solution is an enabler. Contact us at: partners@onesunsolar.com 

We are seeking employees who want to be part of a fast-paced, determined team advancing a new technology into an underserved market. Contact us at:  jointeam@onesunsolar.com